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#AskBeezyBop Say "Baby, I Love You"

Say "Baby, I love you"

A friend of mine says that whenever her bf is in the car with his friends or family, he doesn't say that he loves her when they are hanging up. I tell her not to take it personally because maybe he feels shy about it around them. Can you give me some insight on the situation? Thanks!! ☺


Well, the way I see it, it could be one of two things. There's a possibility that he in fact could be shy and not feel comfortable saying that around other people (family & friends), but this can only go so far until it gets old quick. If he's older than 19 then he could just be immature and not ready for a relationship that requires a strong emotional commitment.... Or maybe, just maybe he doesn't love your friend because if a mf REALLY loves somebody they wouldn't give a fuck what other people thought. Ijs

-Swaggy Mcduff

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