4th Quarter: Clutch Time

February 18, 2016

No One Told Me feat. Picaso Swag (Prod. BeezY StoneCold)(Snippet)

2016 is going to be a good year! New music from BeezY StoneCold in his new ep. "Beard Gang BeezY" More snippets and music will be dropping sporadically to give you glimpses into the project as the release approaches. 

September 29, 2015

Swaggy McDuff's Daily Advice

Say "Baby, I love you"

A friend of mine says that whenever her bf is in the car with his friends or family, he doesn't say that he loves her when they are hanging up. I tell her not to take it personally because maybe he feels shy about it around them. Can you give me some insight on the situation? Thanks!! ☺


Well, the way I see it, it could be one of two things. There's a possibility that he in fact could be shy and not feel comfortable saying that around other people (family & friends), but this can only go so far until it gets old quick. If he's older than 19 then he could just be immature and not ready for a relationship that requires a strong emotional commitment.... Or maybe, just maybe he doesn't love your friend because if a mf REALLY loves somebody they wouldn't give a fuck what other people thought. Ijs

-Swaggy Mcduff

August 12, 2015

Swaggy McDuff's Daily Advice

"Is Three a Crowd"

OK. My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for a little over a year and we've discussed the idea of having a threesome. Do you think that is a good idea to bring a third person (female) into the bedroom at such an early stage of our relationship? Do you think that my man wanting a threesome is a sign of me lacking in the union. Lastly, who do you think should choose the third party? Thank you. 


Well, first off, the fact that you two discussed having a threesome TOGETHER leads me to believe that there's somewhat of a mutual desire to partake because weather you were the one to initiate the conversation or not, you still considered it to some degree. I think at the point you are in your relationship wouldn't be bad to try something like this because you've had time to learn each other and build TRUST,  which is very important. In that time you've expressed your deepest desires and fantasies to each other so I assume that this came up in those conversations. I can undoubtedly tell you that it would definitely be a hell of an experience thatll be something to remember, I'm assuming. Due to the fact that this question popped up in my inbox, im sure your nowhere near 100% comfortable. Let's be real, your probably not 50% sure. You really just gotta consider if the possibilities of what could happen after are anything you can handle. Ask yourself these questions; are you still gonna be secure with yourself and your relationship afterwards? Is this experience gonna make you look at your man differently? If you weren't before, are you gonna start worrying about him being around other women now? But if you believe you can look past all that, boot up and let the fun begin. As far as picking the 3rd party, it's gotta be someone your BOTH attracted to so you'll really be able to enjoy the moment and everyone involved will wanna participate. That's really all I got right now for this one...   And let me add, your performance in bed, on the couch, in the laundry room, in the back seat of his car (Or back of the bus if he doesn't drive), or wherever you fuck won't affect him/her from wanting to have a threesome. No matter whether the sex is good or bad, adding an extra pair of titties will always make it a an even better experience 

-Swaggy McDuff

September 24, 2013

Above is the cover art for my beat album "4th Quarter: Clutch Time" which is actually out as of September 23rd, 2013.  This project consists of 12 beats, all produced by me of course, and one bonus track which features Picaso Swag as well as Capital K. If your friends with me on Facebook or follow me on twitter, or even Instigram, then you know that ive been talking about this project for the past couple months. All the beats in the album are in the player at the top of the page for your listening pleasure. If you are an artist and would like to use any of the beats, if it still available, we can work some kind of deal out.... Below is the link to download and enjoy LISTENING to some of the beats **FREE DOWNLOAD DOES NOT MEAN FREE BEATS**


April 30, 2011

Is A College Degree Necessary??

     Ever since i could remember, my parents and teachers would always tell me that you need to go to college, pick a career, and get a degree so you could live what they consider to be a successful life.  But some people, like myself, don't believe that you necessarily need to take this path in order to live happily without worry.  Upon choosing not to pursue a bachelor's degree there are some definite positives.  Saving a TON of money, getting a lot of time to immediately pursue your career, and not having to worry about anymore schooling just to name a few.  If you cant tell already, I DO NOT believe that you need a college degree in order to have a "successful" life.
     For anyone seeking a corporate business job tho, college my actually be your one and only option... SORRY!
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